About Us

bonnie skinner, psychotherapist, counsellor and coach sault ste marie

Bonnie J. Skinner is a Registered Psychotherapist and Certified Canadian Counsellor. Having developed her career in community based mental health across Canada, Bonnie now owns and operates a practice in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario where she helps individuals, couples , families and organizations overcome obstacles to their chosen goals.

With proven expertise in high demand & evidence based interventions including Cognitive Behavioral and Trauma Informed therapies, Bonnie’s primary goal is to ensure her clients get the knowledge professional support they need to make positive lasting change their lives.

“I wanted to create a therapy practice that didn’t feel like a therapy practice. A space where people could come to learn about themselves, their goals, fears, strengths and how to excel. To create a space where our clients feel like their story truly matters and no one is comparing them to anyone else. This is our mission everyday at B. Skinner Coaching & Psychotherapy. This is an environment where our clients feel safe to have the ability to share and grow. Our goal is to help a million people, but our focus is always on the person in front of us. “

Amy Shaw

Amy Shaw is a Registered Social Worker with a Master’s of Social Work and a B.A in Gerontology. Amy began her professional practice specialising in dementia services, behaviour support, and geriatrics. She has since broadened her scope of practice and now has experience working with individuals in all stages of life including family, group, and couples. Amy uses cognitive behavioural therapy, supportive counselling, and trauma informed practices in her clinical approach. She has worked extensively with diverse cultural groups and prides herself in her culturally competent approach to practice.

Amy is an LGBTQ2 ally and a passionate social justice advocate and works to create a therapeutic environment that is open, empathetic, and encouraging.

“I strive to support each client through their individual mental health journey in a way that helps them to discover their own strengths and abilities as they work to reach their goals. My goal is to spread knowledge and joy throughout our community and beyond as those I work with gain strength and knowledge and in turn share that knowledge and support others.”

The Vision

Our vision is to help one million people create positive and lasting change through the cultivation of consistent self care, and psychological health and wellness.

The Mission

Our mission is to create healthier communities through knowledge, empowerment, guidance and the very best of therapeutic care.