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What Is Anxiety

You were the life of the party, now you won’t even answer your phone. You love your job, but this is the 7th day you’ve missed this month. You couldn’t wait to hit the highway in search of the next adventure, now it’s a struggle just to leave the house. In additional to all of this, each scenario comes with a million what ifs, a racing heart, sweaty palms, and enough rumination to keep you up at night.

This Is Anxiety

Anxiety alone is not a bad thing. Its role is to signal and prepare the body for potential threats to our safety or existence. Much of the brains complex circuitry is designed to detect and respond so we can survive, but when that same system and circuitry becomes overactive the consequences can be catastrophic. It can feel like we are living in a constant state of “fight” or “flight” and leave us feeling physically and emotionally exhausted. It can lead us to avoid doing things we love or connecting with others – even those closest to us. In a hyperactive attempt to keep us safe, our anxiety can draw us into a solitary, stress ridden world that feels inescapable.

Getting Help With Anxiety

At B. Skinner Coaching & Psychotherapy, we specialize in helping our clients understand and take control of their anxiety. As anxiety therapy experts, we work together to identify individual “triggers” and experiences that contribute to heightened anxiety and then use proven evidence-based techniques to help with better coping and recovery. We take the time to teach about the tie between the brain and anxiety using examples from the client’s own experience. This allows our clients to be able to identify and respond to future episodes of anxiety in a way that doesn’t harm their lives or relationships.

We understand anxiety can feel like a total loss of control, so we provide our clients the safety of a warm and nonjudgmental environment with the very best of professional therapeutic care.

If you or someone you know is struggling to cope with anxiety, connect with us today to learn more about our services for treating anxiety!