Caught in the Middle – Supporting Your Child Through Divorce

Caught In the Middle – Supporting Your Child Through Divorce Separation and divorce can be a difficult transition for children of all ages. Changes in routine, family structure, living arrangements, and overall family dynamics can leave children feeling afraid, confused, sad, angry, and wondering if they are to blame. Here are the 3 keys to…

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Self Care and How it can Help

Self Care and How It Can Help!

Self Care and How It Can Help! When clients come in to my office, struggling with anxiety, depression, or any of life’s complexities, I have many questions I ask to gain a better understanding of their woes.  Of course I want to know about the problem; when did it start? How has it impacted their…

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3 Ways to Help Your Loved Ones Cope with Anxiety

It is hard to watch a loved one in pain. It often creates a feeling of helplessness that can drive us into a desperate search for the best advice or guidance we can offer.  In some cases not knowing how to help can result in our well intentioned attempts pushing our loved ones further away.…

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You are NOT broken

It’s 9am. You’ve hit the snooze button for the 12th time since 6am. You’re already late. You sent a text to your supervisor to tell her you are sick and can’t come in today. “I’ll get a doctor’s note,” you tell yourself with a slight pang of guilt, and you lay back down. That was…

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