Couple & Marital Counselling

Hollywood makes it look easy but in real life, relationships take real effort! Between being newly introduced and newlywed (and beyond) there can be a million missteps that can leave us feeling unsure of ourselves and our significant others.

Marital Counselling Services

At B. Skinner Coaching & Psychotherapy, our couple and marital counselling program provides an opportunity for couples to slow down and take a second look at what is working in their relationship and what is not. Our program is focused on helping couples develop (or re-develop) a vision of the relationship they both feel excited about.

Like all of our services our Couples and Marital Counselling is tailor made for your unique relationship. Our program is thorough and intensive. We spend time learning and cultivating your vision, working through obstacles or disruptions that have occurred, and then help you build the skills needed to reconnect and move forward.

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