How It Works

B. Skinner Coaching & Psychotherapy's™ trademark is its care to clients...

Our practice begins and remains focused on YOU! New to therapy? Great! We will take our time until you feel comfortable and ready to set your goals! A therapy veteran? Wonderful! We will take a look at what has and has not worked and get you back to moving forward!

How long does it take?

This answer is different for each person based on the goals they set and the issues they wish to address. During our initial meetings we will work together to design a plan (known as a Treatment Plan) based on the goal you have set. This plan will include the outcomes to be achieved, along with expected time frame and number of sessions.

Will there be homework?

We believe that the difference between change and lasting change is practice. While we will not provide a ton of “paper assignments and worksheets” we will often assign practice exercises for the skills you are developing therapy or activities that are specifically designed to reduce a symptom or difficulty. The feedback from these activities help us track your progress through service.

I have so much going on, how will I know what to work on?

This is a common question and is discussed as we move though our initial sessions. Typically we begin with the struggle causing the greatest disruption to day to day functioning. When we achieve stabilization (less daily disruption) we can then move on to other issues.

Is Psychotherapy covered through my insurance plan?

That depends on your plan – each plan is different. Payment for session is paid by the client at the time of service and a detailed receipted is provided upon payment. This receipt can then be submitted to the benefits provided for reimbursement purposes.

*** IMPORTANT***: Clients intending to submit their receipts for reimbursement are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to contact their benefits provider prior to the first session to confirm that their plan does cover the services of a Registered Psychotherapist and the amount of coverage they have. This will avoid any surprises or difficulties in obtaining reimbursement.

Is it confidential? Will anyone find out I am attending?

Our services are 100% confidential and we prioritize the protection of client privacy and confidentiality. There are some exceptional instances where it is expected that a therapist will breach confidentiality to protect the client or the public from harm. These instances will be reviewed in your initial session and include:

  • If the client is at risk of harming themselves or others;
  • The therapist is made aware of or suspects the abuse of or risk of harm to a child
  • The therapist is made aware of an abuse or offense carried out by another Health Care Professional

The file of the client and/or the therapist has been subpoenaed for court purposes.

What if I don’t know what to say?

Not to worry. We know the first session can be a bit nerve-wracking so we are OK to take the lead if need be. You work on getting comfortable and we will offer helpful questions to guide you.