Treating Trauma

Treating Trauma

Research has shown our minds and bodies can continue to be impacted long after a traumatic event has taken place. With an ability to permeate all areas of an individual’s life, trauma can impact physical and mental wellness, relationships, professional and professional achievement, all while stealing away feelings of joy, contentment, peace and happiness.

Getting Help With PTSD & Other Emotional Traumas

At B. Skinner Coaching & Psychotherapy, we use evidence-based practices to treat clients struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other emotional trauma based cognitive and behavioural responses. Each step of the way we spend time teaching the biology, neurology and the psychology behind how the brain reacts in difficult situations so clients have a better understanding of their own mind and body responses. As we work through this new understanding with proven trauma counselling techniques, we then focus on implementing healthier, more sustainable responses through the use of effective therapeutic techniques.

While PTSD and other emotional trauma can present itself in a variety of common ways, our treatment is always focused on our clients’ unique experience of their own traumatic experiences. This can sometimes mean recalling or re-telling difficult experiences and accessing painful memories. During these times, as trauma therapists, we provide the support and guidance to help our clients navigate these recollections in a safe and secure way. When working with clients who have experienced complex trauma, we encourage and provide the opportunity for the coordination of care with other healthcare professionals, caregivers and other supports.

If you or someone you know is struggling to cope with PTSD or other emotional traumas, connect with us today to learn more about our trauma counselling services!

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